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evQueue is an open source job scheduler and queueing engine. It features an event-driven C++ engine and a PHP / MySQL web control interface which provides tasks monitoring and creation. See the PHP frontend here.

It provides both simple task execution and complex task chaining (workflow) using XML and XPath description. Workflow description includes output linking, conditions and loops. Queues management provides an easy way for task parallelization and resource control.

The network API provides an easy way, XML based, for synchronous or asynchronous workflow launching and control, allowing tasks to be launched from external applications or web pages.

evQueue is agentless (remote connection is made through SSH) and works on Linux environments. An agent is however provided to enable additional features when working over SSH.

We provide debian packages. For other distributions you can easily compile from source.

For documentation and binary download, visit the official website!


Once you met the dependancy requirements (see below), you can build it using CMake:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../


These packages are required to build from the source:

  • build-essential
  • cmake
  • libmysqlclient-dev
  • libxqilla-dev
  • libxerces-c-dev
  • libpcre++-dev


If you are looking for pre-compiled packages, see our debian repository.