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Manage events in Elgg
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Event Manager

Elgg 3.0 Build Status Scrutinizer Quality Score Latest Stable Version License

Manage events, from a simple appointment to a multi day event with day programs and subscriptions


  • Create site and group events

  • Listing of upcoming events

  • Maps integration

  • Show events on a map

  • Use Google Maps or OpenStreetMaps (with Leaflet.js)

  • Create simple or advanced events with

  • Registration forms

  • Configure a multiday and multislot programs

  • Waitinglists

  • Different types of attendence

  • Optionally let logged out users register

  • Notifications to organizer and attendees

  • Add files to your event

  • Export attendees

  • RSVP option to confirm attendence to an event

  • After RSVP, specify your personal daily program participation

  • Recieve personal program as PDF

  • Add event to your personal calendar software (ical export)

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