Geocode addresses from R without exposing PHI to the internet
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OfflineGeocodeR provides a wrapper around calling a Docker container (DeGAUSS/geocoder_slim) in order to geocode addresses from R without using the internet. This is advantageous for several reasons, two of which are maintaining the privacy of protected health information and maintaining a reproducible research workflow. See our manuscript about using DeGAUSS (Decentralized Geomarker Assessment for Multi-Site Studies) here:

Cole Brokamp, Chris Wolfe, Todd Lingren, John Harley, Patrick Ryan. Decentralized and Reproducible Geocoding and Characterization of Community and Environmental Exposures for Multi-Site Studies. Journal of American Medical Informatics Assocation. 2017. Download.


OfflineGeocodeR is a private package hosted on GitHub.

Install with:


You must also have Docker installed and available on your system. In the future, it will hopefully be possible to use this package to call a remote docker machine, but for now, it must be local.

Note: This package was originally designed as a personal convenience and has not been tested on setups other than unix-based operating systems with Docker running natively (i.e. not Docker Toolbox). Your mileage may vary