Basic front-end framework for projects
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  • node >= 6.9.1
  • npm >= 3.3.12
  • gulp >= 3.91
  • yarn >= 0.17.10
  • webpack >= 2.2.0


Development mode

npm start

Minify css and javascript

npm run build


  • Transpile es6 to es5 with babel
  • Bundle js with webpack 2
  • Javascript linting with eslint
  • Lossless image compression
  • SVG symbol generater
  • Compile nunjucks template
  • Compile scss (with postcss autoprefixer)
  • SCSS linting with stylelint
  • Livereload and server with BrowserSync


Heavily inspired by Viget's belting gulp-starter (blendid branch). This is basically an es6 fork, with a few things added and a few things removed


All of the file paths are defined in gulp/path.*.*.json The CMS and Production version are merged into the dev one when in cms/production mode You can run any gulp task with --cms or --production (or both) to compile the various environment versions.


To begin development run npm start, this will rebuild all of the assets, start browsersync and watch all of the assets for changes. The css and javascript is unminified during development. Before deploying code to a production environment run npm run build to compress scss/js and remove any source maps.

NPM modules

For any npm modules that will be used in production use yarn add bla, all other scripts (like gulp tasks) should be saved as dev dependencies (yarn add bla --dev)

NPM scripts

  • npm start - fresh build and server
  • npm run dev - aka gulp
  • npm run cms - gulp in cms mode
  • npm run build - build all the things in production mode
  • npm run build:cms- build all the things in production mode for a cms site


postcss plugins:

node includes

Git methodology

At a core we should be working on four branches:

  • master
  • dev / backend
  • deploy/staging
  • deploy/production

Dev work should be merged into master before going into deployment.

Any extra branches should be feature-specific and named accordingly, e.g.

  • feature/nav
  • feature/add-on-x

Once completed a feature branch should be merged into master and removed. Ideally when logging time we should be adding comments related to the feature(s) we are working on.


git branch - list branches in a repository
git branch feature/nav - create new git branch
git branch -D feature/nav - create new git branch
git checkout feature/nav - moves branch and updates working directory
git merge feature/nav - merge development branch into master (must checkout into master first)