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Hyperactive Hexagonal Havoc!
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H₃ - Hyperactive Hexagonal Havoc!

Realtime Multiplayer HTML5 game. Trace through sets of matching hexagons with your finger or your mouse cursor to score. If another players set overlaps yours and they claim it first, they steal your set!

Installing the local server

You'll need Node.js, which is easy to install with the download at

Once you've cloned the git repo, navigate to it on the command line and run:

git submodule update --init

Which will install the Montage framework that H₃ is built on. Then run:

npm install

Which should install all of the server dependencies. At that point you should be able to start the local server by running:

node server

In the same directory. Now you can navigate to http://localhost:8080 in your web browser and see the game in action! Give your IP to friends to play multiplayer matches!

Public Server

I'm trying to keep up, but as a work-in progress the server may be prone to fits of outages.

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