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Python / Sqlite text based adventure game
PLpgSQL Python Shell
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This is a text based science fiction themed adventure game, written in Python 3. The database back end is created in SQLite3.


The game is still under development, there are plenty of non-working features!


Any help is appreciated :)


Currently the game depends on python3 and sqlite3. We are currently devloping the game to run under Linux, it's not been tested in windows.


On OSX / Linux, at the command line, run the following commands:-

# git clone
# cd adventure
# chmod +x
# chmod +x
# ./
# ./

The bash script is to create the .db binary from the game.sql file.

Note about commiting

Run the script prior to commiting, if you've made changes to the database. This will save the entire sqlite database as a text file, which works much better with source control.


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