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vim file type plugin to run an xquery against a MarkLogic server
VimL XQuery Shell
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Vim filetype plugin enables you to run xqueries files against a MarkLogic server, it displays the results in a separate window.


vim (obviously), MarkLogic (probably obvious), and curl (not so obvious)


Can be broken into two steps. Setup vim and setup MarkLogic

For setting up vim I'd suggest either


Both have good documentation and make it far easier to setup plugins.

For pathogen put the plugin in your bundle directory and in vim run


For vundle add this line to your vimrc

Bundle 'coledarr/vim-xqmarklogic'

To manually install:

  1. copy vim-xqmarklogic/ftplugin/xquery.vim to ~/.vim/ftplugin (or ~\vimfiles\ftplugin)
  2. copy vim-xqmarklogic/doc/xqmarklogic.txt to ~/.vim/ftplugin (or ~\vimfiles\ftplugin)
  3. In vim run:


For more details and setting up MarkLogic run this in vim once you've done the above:

:help xqmarklogic-install

It works well with xqyeryvim source:xqueryvim

If you'd like to run XPath in vim see vim-xpath source:vim-xpath

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