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Add separate file for xq.xqy, add documentation

Add a file for xq.xqy needed for MarkLogic App Server (from:
<> )
Added real documentation file
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+ xqmarklogic.vim Documentation *xqmarklogic*
+Integrating MarkLogic xqueries into vim, and displays the result in another
+1. Introduction |xqmarklogic-intro|
+2.1 Installation |xqmarklogic-install|
+2.2 Security Considerations |xqmarklogic-security|
+3. Commands |xqmarklogic-commands|
+4. Customization:
+ Options and Settings |xqmarklogic-options|
+1. Introduction *xqmarklogic-inro*
+xqmarklogic.vim maps <LEADER>B to run a xquery against MarkLogic
+server using curl and a custom App Server running a short xquery file. It
+displays the results in a new window. It was inspired by this webpage:
+Git repository at:
+2.1. Installation *xqmarklogic-install*
+You will need MarkLogic running, a MarkLogic App Server setup to run a xquery,
+curl, and this xqmarklogic.vim plugin. MarkLogic provides an XML database,
+and even has a free version called MarkLogic Express.
+ See: <>
+This plugin was developed and used with MarkLogic6, but should work with
+ealier and probably later versions.
+Script is in the file vim-xqmarklogic/xq.xqry. This script takes text input
+and runs it agains the database using xdmp:eval. This opens up your whole
+MarkLogic server to have arbitrary xquery run against any database. This
+probably shouldn't be on the production server, and should be protected. See
+MarkLogic documentation on how to do this.
+In MarkLogic Admin interface go to Group->Default->App Servers, then the
+"Create HTTP" tab. Then fill in a few fields.
+ "server name" - Can be whatever you want.
+ "root" - Is somewhere accessible by MarkLogic server to read the
+ xq.xqy file. I have put it in /opt/MarkLogic.local/
+ "port" - whatever port this App Server should listen on
+Make sure the xq.xqy file has been copied and is readable by the MarkLogic
+curl can support SSL, but the plugin isn't setup to support this. Patches
+welcome. wget doesn't work, again patches welcome.
+This plugin will need to be installed.
+Couple ways to do this:
+ 1. copy the doc/* and plugin/* to your cooresponding ~/.vim/
+ directories
+ 2. pathogen.vim <>
+ 3. vundle <>
+See pathogen.vim's documentation to set it up (it's easy). Then put the
+vim-xqmarklogic directory in your ~/.vim/bundle directory, and run :Helptags
+Vundle has even more features (can update plugins), but takes a little more
+setup. See the documentation from the link above.
+Then a few settings will need to be added to your |.vimrc| file:
+Use the port number you set when configuring the App Server, not 8002
+ let g:xqmarklogic_defaultPort='8002'
+Use the user and password needed to access the App Server you setup
+ let g:xqmarklogic_defaultUser='admin'
+ let g:xqmarklogic_defaultPassword='password'
+If MakrLogic isn't running on the localhost, you'll need to add the host as
+ let g:xqmarklogic_defaultHost='marklogichost'
+For more details and other options and setting see |xqmarklogic-options|
+These settings can be set differently in different buffers.
+2.2 Security Considerations *xqmarklogic-security*
+As mentioned above xq.xqy has some security considerations. It can run any
+xquery against any of the MarkLogic databases. It is only as protected as the
+App Server (password in the clear with http by default). The xqmarklogic.vim
+doesn't support ssl now, but that could be added. So be aware.
+Second issue is less obvious and has the potential to expose the MarkLogic
+password to everyone who can login into the local machine. Vim stores command
+history in ~/.viminfo. If you set and |xqmarklogic-options| below (particularlly
+the one for the MarkLogic password) from command mode, those commands are
+stored in the viminfo file. Pull requests with fixes for this are welcome.
+3. Commands *xqmarklogic-commands*
+<leader>B Run current buffer as an xquery against the MarkLogic
+ Appserver you setup earlier. This mapping runs XQmlquery, so
+ it is easy to remap this if needed.
+XQtoggleShowCurlCmd toggles showing curl command used in the output
+ window in an XML comment. It is off by default since
+ the command contains "--" and thus can't be in valid
+ XML comment.
+XQtoggleShowDuration toggle showing the duration of the query. On by
+ default.
+XQsetDatabase sets the database to query against to the string
+ argument.
+XQdisplaySettings Displays what the current buffer settings are, they
+ are currentlyt NOT initialized until after the first
+ query.
+4. Customization: Options and Settings *xqmarklogic-options*
+ Global default values can be set in you |.vimrc| file.
+g:xqmarklogic_defaultHost - the default Host name to use, if not set
+ uses 'localhost'
+g:xqmarklogic_defaultURI - the default URI, if not set uses 'http://'
+g:xqmarklogic_defaultPort - the default Port, if not set uses 8002
+ (which is used by MarkLogic by default and
+ wont work)
+g:xqmarklogic_defaultUser - the default User, if not set uses 'admin'
+g:xqmarklogic_defaultPassword - the default password to use, if not set
+ you will probably have problems.
+g:xqmarklogic_defaultXq - the default name of the xq.xqy, if not set
+ uses '/xq.xqy'
+g:xqmarklogic_defaultDb - the default Database to query against, if
+ not set uses 'Documents'
+ Example:
+ let g:xqmarklogic_defaultUser='labarbara_conrad'
+ Several of these values can be set on a per buffer basis, here are
+the corresponding
+b:xqmarklogic_host corresponds to: g:xqmarklogic_defaultHost
+b:xqmarklogic_uri corresponds to: g:xqmarklogic_defaultURI
+b:xqmarklogic_port corresponds to: g:xqmarklogic_defaultPort
+b:xqmarklogic_user corresponds to: g:xqmarklogic_defaultUser
+b:xqmarklogic_password corresponds to: g:xqmarklogic_defaultPassword
+b:xqmarklogic_xq corresponds to: g:xqmarklogic_defaultXq
+b:xqmarklogic_db corresponds to: g:xqmarklogic_defaultDb
+ Example run when the cursor is in the xquery file you want it set to
+ :let b:xqmarklogic_password='flexo_is_the_greatest'
+# vim: textwidth=78 noexpandtab softtabstop=8 shiftwidth=8 syntax=help
12 xq.xqy
@@ -0,0 +1,12 @@
+xquery version "1.0-ml";
+ $db := xdmp:get-request-field("db", "Documents"),
+ $xquery := xdmp:get-request-body("text")
+ try {
+ xdmp:eval($xquery, (), <options xmlns="xdmp:eval"><database>{xdmp:database($db)}</database></options>)
+ }
+ catch($e) {
+ $e
+ }

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