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Starters - WordPress Starter Theme for Web Developers

Currently under heavy development!! The repo should be filled by the end of the year with the first beta copy of the starter theme.

Starter WordPress Theme for Developers

Built as a starter theme with rapid prototyping. Starters is built to give you ultimate control of your theme and give the option of over 10 prebuilt layouts and styles to speed up your development time. Using Foundation as the primary fluid grid system, we bake in it's features bringing the power of this great front-end framework to an easily manageable starter theme for WordPress. But wait, there's more! We also brought in some of the awesome features of the HTML5 Boilerplate to give your Wordpress install that extra ompf!

Built on SASS & Compass

In today's web industry, SASS & Compass is the bee's knees. We baked in all that goodness right into the core of Starters. To harness the power of SASS & Compass we are using the SASS fluid grid system of Foundation to power our layouts to increase production time. Out of the box Foundation is phenomenal, however, we simplified things a little further by providing optional custom styles to reduce the load of classes if you wish to go that route.

Customizable with Easy Plug-and-Play

With over a near decade of WordPress experience, Starters has a bunch of pre-built functionality to cut your development time in half. Providing ready made navigation menus, a butt-load of shortcodes, auto wp_head() cleaning, configurable theme options and many more options to be announced!