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a little task queue for python
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huey - a little task queue

a lightweight alternative.

  • written in python
  • only dependency is the Python Redis client


  • multi-process, multi-thread or greenlet task execution models
  • schedule tasks to execute at a given time, or after a given delay
  • schedule recurring tasks, like a crontab
  • retry tasks that fail automatically
  • task result storage

Huey's API

from huey import RedisHuey, crontab

huey = RedisHuey('my-app', host='')

def add_numbers(a, b):
    return a + b

@huey.periodic_task(crontab(minute='0', hour='3'))
def nightly_backup():

To run the consumer with 4 worker processes:

$ my_app.huey -k process -w 4


See Huey documentation.

Project page

See source code and issue tracker on Github.

Huey is named in honor of my cat:
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