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SQLite Storage

The :py:class:`SqliteHuey` and the associated :py:class:`SqliteStorage` can be used instead of the default :py:class:`RedisHuey`. :py:class:`SqliteHuey` is implemented in such a way that it can safely be used with a multi-process, multi-thread, or multi-greenlet consumer.

Using SqliteHuey is almost exactly the same as using :py:class:`RedisHuey`. Begin by instantiating the Huey object, passing in the name of the queue and the filename of the SQLite database:

from huey.contrib.sqlitedb import SqliteHuey

huey = SqliteHuey('my_app', filename='/var/www/my_app/huey.db')


The SQLite storage engine depends on peewee. For information on installing peewee, see the peewee installation documentation, or simply run: pip install peewee.