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import random
import re
import redis
from irc import IRCBot, run_bot
class MarkovBot(IRCBot):
chain_length = 2
chattiness = .01
max_words = 30
messages_to_generate = 5
prefix = 'irc'
separator = '\x01'
stop_word = '\x02'
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
super(MarkovBot, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
self.redis_conn = redis.Redis()
def make_key(self, k):
return '-'.join((self.prefix, k))
def sanitize_message(self, message):
return re.sub('[\"\']', '', message.lower())
def split_message(self, message):
# split the incoming message into words, i.e. ['what', 'up', 'bro']
words = message.split()
# if the message is any shorter, it won't lead anywhere
if len(words) > self.chain_length:
# add some stop words onto the message
# ['what', 'up', 'bro', '\x02']
# len(words) == 4, so range(4-2) == range(2) == 0, 1, meaning
# we return the following slices: [0:3], [1:4]
# or ['what', 'up', 'bro'], ['up', 'bro', '\x02']
for i in range(len(words) - self.chain_length):
yield words[i:i + self.chain_length + 1]
def generate_message(self, seed):
key = seed
# keep a list of words we've seen
gen_words = []
# only follow the chain so far, up to <max words>
for i in xrange(self.max_words):
# split the key on the separator to extract the words -- the key
# might look like "this\x01is" and split out into ['this', 'is']
words = key.split(self.separator)
# add the word to the list of words in our generated message
# get a new word that lives at this key -- if none are present we've
# reached the end of the chain and can bail
next_word = self.redis_conn.srandmember(self.make_key(key))
if not next_word:
# create a new key combining the end of the old one and the next_word
key = self.separator.join(words[1:] + [next_word])
return ' '.join(gen_words)
def log(self, sender, message, channel):
# speak only when spoken to, or when the spirit moves me
say_something = self.is_ping(message) or (
sender != self.conn.nick and random.random() < self.chattiness
messages = []
# use a convenience method to strip out the "ping" portion of a message
if self.is_ping(message):
message = self.fix_ping(message)
if message.startswith('/'):
# split up the incoming message into chunks that are 1 word longer than
# the size of the chain, e.g. ['what', 'up', 'bro'], ['up', 'bro', '\x02']
for words in self.split_message(self.sanitize_message(message)):
# grab everything but the last word
key = self.separator.join(words[:-1])
# add the last word to the set
self.redis_conn.sadd(self.make_key(key), words[-1])
# if we should say something, generate some messages based on what
# was just said and select the longest, then add it to the list
if say_something:
best_message = ''
for i in range(self.messages_to_generate):
generated = self.generate_message(seed=key)
if len(generated) > len(best_message):
best_message = generated
if best_message:
if len(messages):
return random.choice(messages)
def command_patterns(self):
return (
('.*', self.log),
host = ''
port = 6667
nick = 'whatyousay'
run_bot(MarkovBot, host, port, nick, ['#lawrence-botwars'])
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