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Querying using an "ISBL"-like syntax, inspired by
Example ISBL:
(t1 * t2) : c1 = v1, c2 = v2 % projection
(t1 * t2) ** (c1 == v1, c2 == v2) % (t1.f1, t1.f2, t2.f1)
from peewee import *
from peewee import BaseModel
_Model = Model
class T(object):
def __init__(self, *models):
self.models = list(models)
self.query = None
self.projection = None
self.ordering = None
def __mul__(self, rhs):
if isinstance(rhs, T):
return self
def __pow__(self, rhs):
self.query = rhs
return self
def __mod__(self, rhs):
if not isinstance(rhs, (list, tuple)):
rhs = [rhs]
self.projection = rhs
return self
def __lshift__(self, rhs):
self.ordering = rhs
return self
def q(self):
if self.projection:
select = {}
for field in self.projection:
select.setdefault(field.model, [])
select = dict((m, ['*']) for m in self.models)
sq = self.models[0].select(select)
if self.ordering:
sq = sq.order_by(self.ordering)
for model in self.models[1:]:
sq = sq.join(model)
if self.query:
sq = sq.where(self.query)
return sq.naive()
def __iter__(self):
return iter(self.q())
class ISBLBaseModel(BaseModel):
def __mul__(cls, rhs):
return T(cls) * rhs
def __pow__(cls, rhs):
return T(cls) ** rhs
def __mod__(cls, rhs):
return T(cls) % rhs
def __lshift__(cls, rhs):
return T(cls) << rhs
class Model(_Model):
__metaclass__ = ISBLBaseModel
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