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import hashlib
import inspect
import sqlite3
import struct
from peewee import *
from peewee import SqliteAdapter, Database
class VirtualModel(Model):
_extension_module = ''
class FTSModel(VirtualModel):
_extension_module = sqlite3.sqlite_version_info[:3] >= (3, 7, 4) and 'FTS4' or 'FTS3'
def create_table(cls, fail_silently=False, extra='', **options):
if fail_silently and cls.table_exists():
if 'content_model' in options:
options['content'] = options.pop('content_model')._meta.db_table
cls._meta.database.create_table(cls, extra=extra, vt_options=options)
for field_name, field_obj in cls._meta.fields.items():
if isinstance(field_obj, ForeignKeyField):
cls._meta.database.create_foreign_key(cls, field_obj)
elif field_obj.db_index or field_obj.unique:
cls._meta.database.create_index(cls,, field_obj.unique)
def optimize(cls):
return cls._meta.database.optimize(cls)
def rebuild(cls):
return cls._meta.database.rebuild(cls)
def integrity_check(cls):
return cls._meta.database.integrity_check(cls)
def merge(cls, blocks=200, segments=8):
return cls._meta.database.merge(cls, blocks, segments)
def automerge(cls, state=True):
return cls._meta.database.automerge(cls, state)
class Rank(R):
def __init__(self, alias='score'):
self.alias = alias
def sql_select(self, model_class):
return 'rank(matchinfo(%s))' % model_class._meta.db_table, self.alias
class SqliteExtAdapter(SqliteAdapter):
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
super(SqliteExtAdapter, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
self.operations['match'] = 'MATCH %s'
self._aggregates = {}
self._collations = {}
self._functions = {}
self._row_factory = None
self.register_function(rank, 'rank', 1)
def connect(self, database, **kwargs):
conn = super(SqliteExtAdapter, self).connect(database, **kwargs)
for name, (klass, num_params) in self._aggregates.items():
conn.create_aggregate(name, num_params, klass)
for name, fn in self._collations.items():
conn.create_collation(name, fn)
for name, (fn, num_params) in self._functions.items():
conn.create_function(name, num_params, fn)
if self._row_factory:
conn.row_factory = self._row_factory
return conn
def _argc(self, fn):
return len(inspect.getargspec(fn).args)
def register_aggregate(self, klass, num_params, name=None):
self._aggregates[name or klass.__name__.lower()] = (klass, num_params)
def register_collation(self, fn, name=None):
self._collations[name or fn.__name__] = fn
def register_function(self, fn, name=None, num_params=None):
if num_params is None:
num_params = self._argc(fn)
self._functions[name or fn.__name__] = (fn, num_params)
def unregister_aggregate(self, name):
def unregister_collation(self, name):
def unregister_function(self, name):
def row_factory(self, fn):
self._row_factory = fn
class granular_transaction(object):
def __init__(self, db, lock_type='deferred'):
self.db = db
self.conn = self.db.get_conn()
self.lock_type = lock_type
def __enter__(self):
self._orig = self.db.get_autocommit()
self._orig_isolation = self.conn.isolation_level
self.conn.isolation_level = self.lock_type
def __exit__(self, exc_type, exc_val, exc_tb):
if exc_type:
self.conn.isolation_level = self._orig_isolation
class SqliteExtDatabase(SqliteDatabase):
def __init__(self, database, **connect_kwargs):
Database.__init__(self, SqliteExtAdapter(), database, **connect_kwargs)
def create_table(self, model_class, safe=False, extra='', vt_options=None):
if issubclass(model_class, VirtualModel):
if vt_options:
options = ', %s' % (', '.join('%s=%s' % (k, v) for k, v in vt_options.items()))
options = ''
framing = 'CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE %%s%%s USING %s (%%s%s)%%s;' % (model_class._extension_module, options)
framing = None
self.execute(self.create_table_query(model_class, safe, extra, framing))
def create_index(self, model_class, field_name, unique=False):
if issubclass(model_class, FTSModel):
return super(SqliteExtDatabase, self).create_index(model_class, field_name, unique)
def _fts_cmd(self, model_class, cmd):
tbl = model_class._meta.db_table
res = self.execute("INSERT INTO %s(%s) VALUES('%s');" % (tbl, tbl, cmd))
return res.fetchone()
def optimize(self, model_class):
return self._fts_cmd(model_class, 'optimize')
def rebuild(self, model_class):
return self._fts_cmd(model_class, 'rebuild')
def integrity_check(self, model_class):
return self._fts_cmd(model_class, 'integrity-check')
def merge(self, model_class, blocks=200, segments=8):
return self._fts_cmd(model_class, 'merge=%s,%s' % (blocks, segments))
def automerge(self, model_class, state=True):
return self._fts_cmd(model_class, 'automerge=%s' % (state and '1' or '0'))
def granular_transaction(self, lock_type='deferred'):
assert lock_type.lower() in ('deferred', 'immediate', 'exclusive')
return granular_transaction(self, lock_type)
# example aggregate
class WeightedAverage(object):
def __init__(self):
self.total_weight = 0.0
self.total_ct = 0.0
def step(self, value, wt=None):
wt = wt or 1.0
self.total_weight += wt
self.total_ct += wt * value
def finalize(self):
if self.total_weight != 0.0:
return self.total_ct / self.total_weight
return 0.0
# example collations
def collate_reverse(s1, s2):
return -cmp(s1, s2)
def _parse_match_info(buf):
# see
bufsize = len(buf) # length in bytes
return [struct.unpack('@I', buf[i:i+4])[0] for i in range(0, bufsize, 4)]
# example functions
def rank(match_info):
# handle match_info called w/default args 'pcx' - based on the example rank
# function
info = _parse_match_info(match_info)
score = 0.0
phrase_ct = info[0]
col_ct = info[1]
for phrase in range(phrase_ct):
phrase_info_idx = 2 + (phrase * col_ct * 3)
for col in range(0, col_ct):
col_idx = phrase_info_idx + (col * 3)
hit_count = info[col_idx]
global_hit_count = info[col_idx + 1]
if hit_count > 0:
score += float(hit_count) / global_hit_count
return score
def md5(s):
return hashlib.md5(s).hexdigest()
def sha1(s):
return hashlib.sha1(s).hexdigest()
def sha512(s):
return hashlib.sha512(s).hexdigest()
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