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#!/usr/bin/env python
import datetime
import sys
from getpass import getpass
from optparse import OptionParser
from peewee import *
from peewee import print_
from peewee import __version__ as peewee_version
from playhouse.reflection import *
TEMPLATE = """from peewee import *%s
database = %s('%s', **%s)
class UnknownField(object):
def __init__(self, *_, **__): pass
class BaseModel(Model):
class Meta:
database = database
MySQLDatabase: ['mysql', 'mysqldb'],
PostgresqlDatabase: ['postgres', 'postgresql'],
SqliteDatabase: ['sqlite', 'sqlite3'],
DATABASE_MAP = dict((value, key)
for value in DATABASE_ALIASES[key])
def make_introspector(database_type, database_name, **kwargs):
if database_type not in DATABASE_MAP:
err('Unrecognized database, must be one of: %s' %
', '.join(DATABASE_MAP.keys()))
schema = kwargs.pop('schema', None)
DatabaseClass = DATABASE_MAP[database_type]
db = DatabaseClass(database_name, **kwargs)
return Introspector.from_database(db, schema=schema)
def print_models(introspector, tables=None, preserve_order=False):
database = introspector.introspect(table_names=tables)
print_(TEMPLATE % (
def _print_table(table, seen, accum=None):
accum = accum or []
foreign_keys = database.foreign_keys[table]
for foreign_key in foreign_keys:
dest = foreign_key.dest_table
# In the event the destination table has already been pushed
# for printing, then we have a reference cycle.
if dest in accum and table not in accum:
print_('# Possible reference cycle: %s' % dest)
# If this is not a self-referential foreign key, and we have
# not already processed the destination table, do so now.
if dest not in seen and dest not in accum:
if dest != table:
_print_table(dest, seen, accum + [table])
print_('class %s(BaseModel):' % database.model_names[table])
columns = database.columns[table].items()
if not preserve_order:
columns = sorted(columns)
primary_keys = database.primary_keys[table]
for name, column in columns:
skip = all([
name in primary_keys,
name == 'id',
len(primary_keys) == 1,
column.field_class in introspector.pk_classes])
if skip:
if column.primary_key and len(primary_keys) > 1:
# If we have a CompositeKey, then we do not want to explicitly
# mark the columns as being primary keys.
column.primary_key = False
print_(' %s' % column.get_field())
print_(' class Meta:')
print_(' db_table = \'%s\'' % table)
multi_column_indexes = database.multi_column_indexes(table)
if multi_column_indexes:
print_(' indexes = (')
for fields, unique in sorted(multi_column_indexes):
print_(' ((%s), %s),' % (
', '.join("'%s'" % field for field in fields),
print_(' )')
if introspector.schema:
print_(' schema = \'%s\'' % introspector.schema)
if len(primary_keys) > 1:
pk_field_names = sorted([ for col, field in columns
if col in primary_keys])
pk_list = ', '.join("'%s'" % pk for pk in pk_field_names)
print_(' primary_key = CompositeKey(%s)' % pk_list)
seen = set()
for table in sorted(database.model_names.keys()):
if table not in seen:
if not tables or table in tables:
_print_table(table, seen)
def print_header(cmd_line, introspector):
timestamp =
print_('# Code generated by:')
print_('# python -m pwiz %s' % cmd_line)
print_('# Date: %s' % timestamp.strftime('%B %d, %Y %I:%M%p'))
print_('# Database: %s' % introspector.get_database_name())
print_('# Peewee version: %s' % peewee_version)
def err(msg):
sys.stderr.write('\033[91m%s\033[0m\n' % msg)
def get_option_parser():
parser = OptionParser(usage='usage: %prog [options] database_name')
ao = parser.add_option
ao('-H', '--host', dest='host')
ao('-p', '--port', dest='port', type='int')
ao('-u', '--user', dest='user')
ao('-P', '--password', dest='password', action='store_true')
engines = sorted(DATABASE_MAP)
ao('-e', '--engine', dest='engine', default='postgresql', choices=engines,
help=('Database type, e.g. sqlite, mysql or postgresql. Default '
'is "postgresql".'))
ao('-s', '--schema', dest='schema')
ao('-t', '--tables', dest='tables',
help=('Only generate the specified tables. Multiple table names should '
'be separated by commas.'))
ao('-i', '--info', dest='info', action='store_true',
help=('Add database information and other metadata to top of the '
'generated file.'))
ao('-o', '--preserve-order', action='store_true', dest='preserve_order',
help='Model definition column ordering matches source table.')
return parser
def get_connect_kwargs(options):
ops = ('host', 'port', 'user', 'schema')
kwargs = dict((o, getattr(options, o)) for o in ops if getattr(options, o))
if options.password:
kwargs['password'] = getpass()
return kwargs
if __name__ == '__main__':
raw_argv = sys.argv
parser = get_option_parser()
options, args = parser.parse_args()
if options.preserve_order:
from collections import OrderedDict
except ImportError:
err('Preserve order requires Python >= 2.7.')
if len(args) < 1:
err('Missing required parameter "database"')
connect = get_connect_kwargs(options)
database = args[-1]
tables = None
if options.tables:
tables = [table.strip() for table in options.tables.split(',')
if table.strip()]
introspector = make_introspector(options.engine, database, **connect)
cmd_line = ' '.join(raw_argv[1:])
print_header(cmd_line, introspector)
print_models(introspector, tables, preserve_order=options.preserve_order)