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Fixing a testcase

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1 parent 53473ba commit 35e354784c3fc3aadf526ca2c0a73fbbec4ec54b @coleifer committed Aug 19, 2012
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@@ -2497,7 +2497,7 @@ def test_annotate_custom_aggregate(self):
def test_annotate_multiple(self):
annotated =, Max('pub_date', 'max_pub'))
self.assertSQLEqual(annotated.sql(), (
- 'SELECT t1."id", t1."title", COUNT(t2.`pk`) AS count, MAX(t2."pub_date") AS max_pub FROM "blog" AS t1 INNER JOIN "entry" AS t2 ON t1."id" = t2."blog_id" GROUP BY t1."id", t1."title"', []
+ 'SELECT t1.`id`, t1.`title`, COUNT(t2.`pk`) AS count, MAX(t2.`pub_date`) AS max_pub FROM `blog` AS t1 INNER JOIN `entry` AS t2 ON t1.`id` = t2.`blog_id` GROUP BY t1.`id`, t1.`title`', []
# No leftover asterisks
self.assertEqual(annotated.sql()[0].count('*'), 0)

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