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Adding notes on add/drop/rename sql

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1 parent 35e3547 commit 4d2c37f9424d4ca4f37f9a30dc4ab786b961cd49 @coleifer committed Aug 21, 2012
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  1. +13 −0 docs/peewee/cookbook.rst
  2. +33 −2 docs/peewee/database.rst
13 docs/peewee/cookbook.rst
@@ -747,3 +747,16 @@ pwiz will generate code for:
* models that were introspected from the database tables
The generated code is written to stdout.
+Schema migrations
+Currently peewee does not have support for automatic schema migrations. Peewee
+does, however, come with a few helper functions:
+* :py:meth:`Database.add_column_sql`
+* :py:meth:`Database.rename_column_sql`
+* :py:meth:`Database.drop_column_sql`
+Honestly, your best bet is to script any migrations and use plain ol' SQL.
35 docs/peewee/database.rst
@@ -316,10 +316,10 @@ Database and its subclasses
:param model_class: :py:class:`Model` class to create table for
:param safe: if ``True``, query will add a ``IF NOT EXISTS`` clause
- .. py:method:: create_index(model_class, field_name[, unique=False])
+ .. py:method:: create_index(model_class, field_names[, unique=False])
:param model_class: :py:class:`Model` table on which to create index
- :param field_name: name of field to create index on
+ :param field_name: name of field(s) to create index on (a string or list)
:param unique: whether the index should enforce uniqueness
.. py:method:: create_foreign_key(model_class, field)
@@ -337,6 +337,37 @@ Database and its subclasses
exists that prevents a table being dropped, you will need to handle
that in application logic.
+ .. py:method:: add_column_sql(model_class, field_name)
+ :param model_class: :py:class:`Model` which we are adding a column to
+ :param string field_name: the name of the field we are adding
+ :rtype: SQL suitable for adding the column
+ .. note::
+ Adding a non-null column to a table with rows may cause an IntegrityError.
+ .. py:method:: rename_column_sql(model_class, field_name, new_name)
+ :param model_class: :py:class:`Model` instance
+ :param string field_name: the current name of the field
+ :param string new_name: new name for the field
+ :rtype: SQL suitable for renaming the column
+ .. note::
+ There must be a field instance named ``field_name`` at the time this SQL
+ is generated.
+ .. note:: SQLite does not support renaming columns
+ .. py:method:: drop_column_sql(model_class, field_name)
+ :param model_class: :py:class:`Model` instance
+ :param string field_name: the name of the field to drop
+ .. note:: SQLite does not support dropping columns
.. py:method:: create_sequence(sequence_name)
:param sequence_name: name of sequence to create

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