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base: b76f80e39d
head fork: coleifer/peewee
compare: 755c899e54
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Commits on Sep 27, 2012
@coleifer new parsing 3cc1799
@coleifer CLeaning up some things with aliases in expressions fba3410
@coleifer outlining a few methods d16f75a
@coleifer Working on joining and alias map generation e5bafcb
@coleifer Adding lots more architecture, fields, models, and building out some
query generation
@coleifer Whitespace 2ab8010
@coleifer Workingon update d047bad
@coleifer Building out the other query types, subselect support and playing w/db
Commits on Sep 28, 2012
@coleifer Building out more of the database-ey stuff, cribbing a lot from peewee
but also trying to simplify
@coleifer Working on DDL generation db68191
@coleifer Adding a few more pieces of plumbing before figuring out the api for
actual query execution
Commits on Sep 29, 2012
@coleifer adding ordering and a bit of copy/pasta from peewee as i prep to add
things back
Commits on Oct 01, 2012
@coleifer Starting work on getting query execution and cursor wrapping 9ae8817
@coleifer Cleaning up the create table / index functions df85e25
@coleifer Tweaking some of the sequence stuff and adding back some convenience
@coleifer Adding count 69258b4
@coleifer Working on some api stuff a7c36e4
@coleifer Adding a django-like filter api and cleaning up 0e0f80b
@coleifer Some small cleanups 8816aff
@coleifer Renaming p2 to peewee 72e7752
@coleifer Fixing up just a few things d901d80
@coleifer Changing version 312bdda
@coleifer Starting a new tests module 2ae0ba5
@coleifer A few small updates d2e3e51
@coleifer Updating todos fcf8989
@coleifer Updating after adding the annotate/aggregate fns 7c37199
@coleifer Removing unused constant 9f8cb5f
@coleifer Starting to work on testing 20fa84c
@coleifer Working on better unit tests ebec1c8
@coleifer Fixing some issues in joining code 8bf9bce
@coleifer Adding test for where d11933c
Commits on Oct 02, 2012
@coleifer Adding back important things, realized need better handling of lists in
parse_expr, and more tests
@coleifer Fixing some issues mixing negated nodes, adding more tests, removing
chunked reading from the cursor, and more tests
@coleifer Cleaning up some parsing bits, more tests, moving asc/desc into Expr 0f4a005
@coleifer Testing iterator 2719816
@coleifer Fixing some issues with the filtering code, testing ftw ee59648
@coleifer Testing annotations, aggregations 7618872
@coleifer Beefing up tests, adding one for complex joins and m2m relationship as
well as stubbing out other test cases needed
@coleifer Adding shorthand to select and testing select related/naive 2ff7f1d
@coleifer Adding a quick test for update 15ee768
@coleifer Adding tests for model queries c6d4b6c
@coleifer Some cleanups and starting tests for field types, gross ac6ced6
@coleifer Adding tests for boolean, date, datetime, time fields e5366b8
@coleifer Adding a couple more tests 7f1239d
@coleifer Non int pk models 45805ad
@coleifer Whitespace 08d5d4f
Commits on Oct 03, 2012
@coleifer Adding tests for db_column 120ab5c
@coleifer Adding some more tests based on the old versions 3597298
@coleifer Adding a concurrency test case e04ca26
@coleifer Adding some db-specific functionality and getting tests passing under
postgres, woo!
@coleifer adding tests for multiple column indexes 22a6158
@coleifer testing fk caching and noting todos 73c4fbc
@coleifer Adding get_or_create and fixing problem with missing get 1373f68
@coleifer Golf 5e8e804
@coleifer Adding notes and starting work on re-implementing the filter api 54821e4
@coleifer Full support for django-style querying with "DQ" object 13e2f68
@coleifer Adding tests for the new filter function and removing the recursion in
favor of a deque and bfs
@coleifer Adding items from todo list, including inheritance and options testing
and topo sort
@coleifer Standardizing op overrides in query compiler 767c04a
@coleifer Hook for expr overrides in db 34cbabf
@coleifer updating the app to use new style 216deea
@coleifer Allow multiple nodes in where 4e5d6c9
@coleifer Shit, committed a pdb bc405ba
@coleifer Holy shit. It doesn't look like much but this one simple change will now
allow cursors to be gc'd and the database (at least under sqlite) to be
closed properly.  I believe that when I was assigning to _iter_fn it
created a loop that prevented the garbage collector from collecting
QueryResultWrapper instances, which in turn prevented cursors from being
collected, since QRW refers to a cursor. This was causing an
"OperationalError" when closing the connection, reporting unfinalised
statements. Googling it looked like this was caused when cursors
were left around. I threw all cursors and queries into a weakref
dictionary and saw what was still there when I went to close. The
cursors were all being referred to by QRW instances.  I went to see what
was holding onto the QRW instances and it was the "_iter_fn".
Commits on Oct 04, 2012
@coleifer Backporting fix #111 b433c12
@coleifer Moving filtering into the base query class since it is complementary to
@coleifer Deleting sweepea, shit was silly 92eb57f
@coleifer Removing sweepea tests, shit was ridick 842bb57
@coleifer Recursive delete support and fixing a little bug in the handling of
foreign key column types (on pg they were marked as "serial")
@coleifer Working on getting hstore back 58352bc
@coleifer Adding a hook for passing through data as a raw parameter and breaking
up the way create table/index queries are handled a bit
@coleifer Getting the hstore tests passing bdbea55
@coleifer Commenting out failing extension tests fornow 03c2638
@coleifer Cleaning up module exports 3f0951a
@coleifer Cleaning up postgres ext imports b990acb
@coleifer Updating the apsw extension and removing the hacky virtual model support b0c8236
@coleifer Moving signals tests into their own module and getting signals working
@coleifer Removing the sqlite ext module 000785c
@coleifer Just a few tweaks 9056194
@coleifer Fixing the benchmark 2dc6154
@coleifer Whoops 32e326a
Commits on Oct 05, 2012
@coleifer Make sure gh111 is working 8203a12
@coleifer Starting work on docs 359d31f
@coleifer Adding notes 2df5c01
@coleifer Updating docs on database f1cf9fa
@coleifer Updating examples eceb641
@coleifer Updating field docs 61e66e8
@coleifer Updating the overview doc 639c48d
@coleifer Updating playhouse docs e05a00b
@coleifer Updating models docs d059496
@coleifer Having is now like where b1f1fb9
@coleifer Updating querying docs d32c237
@coleifer Updating docs conf 1f4d439
@coleifer Fixing table 32860e5
@coleifer Changing set_alias to alias b44cfd6
@coleifer Fixing set_alias -> alias in docs ab1579a
Commits on Oct 06, 2012
@coleifer Adding a doc on upgrading d9c6371
@coleifer Cleaning up some notes 105247d
@coleifer Adding commit link f7d20b5
@coleifer Whoops c849176
@coleifer Adding links d6e6024
@coleifer Typos 858abfc
Commits on Oct 07, 2012
@coleifer Notes on "fn" 5fb41f2
@coleifer Adding notes on the fn helper 0e53593
@coleifer Cleaning up formatting 35a8464
Commits on Oct 08, 2012
@coleifer Adding more info in joins aecc147
@coleifer Cleanup of docs 50122d7
@coleifer Some small changes in docs, w/r/t highlighitng 7af7076
@coleifer Merge branch 'unstable/2.0'