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_pysqlite Refactor SQLite extension, integrate sweepea table-value funcs, etc. Jul 26, 2017 Update playhouse readme. Mar 1, 2018 Fiddling around w/extras Jun 29, 2012
_speedups.pyx Improved identifier quoting support to allow open and close quote. May 11, 2018
_sqlite_ext.pyx Better exceptions from TableFunction. May 25, 2018
_sqlite_udf.pyx Adding sqlite user-defined functions and aggregates. Jan 27, 2016 bugfix for user-defined aggregate with apsw. May 30, 2018 Ensure we load dependencies when updating cache for new models. May 4, 2018 First stab at getting blog code updated. Jul 21, 2017 pymysql workaround. Feb 27, 2018 Cache page count as attribute. Oct 9, 2017 Add support for 'on conflict' in insert+update, fixes #587 Apr 26, 2015 Add back a simplified/improved "kv" module to playhouse. Feb 27, 2018 Respect field index_type when adding column with migration. May 25, 2018 Add support for MySQL-Connector python driver. Mar 30, 2018 Remove dead code from pool. May 4, 2018 Add `field_kwargs` parameter to ArrayField initializer. May 20, 2018 Introspect and reflect column default value constraints. Fixes #1553. Apr 2, 2018 Fix dict_to_model recursive updates. Feb 2, 2018 Make signal connect/disconnect more robust. Mar 16, 2018 Correct spelling mistakes. Jun 3, 2018 Fix bug in updating json blob at a specific path. May 29, 2018 Docs on SQLite UDF. Jan 28, 2018 Change commit semantics, fix sqliteq Jul 14, 2017 Add test_utils. Oct 11, 2017


The playhouse namespace contains numerous extensions to Peewee. These include vendor-specific database extensions, high-level abstractions to simplify working with databases, and tools for low-level database operations and introspection.

Vendor extensions

  • SQLite extensions
    • Full-text search (FTS3/4/5)
    • BM25 ranking algorithm implemented as SQLite C extension, backported to FTS4
    • Virtual tables and C extensions
    • Closure tables
    • JSON extension support
    • LSM1 (key/value database) support
    • BLOB API
    • Online backup API
  • APSW extensions: use Peewee with the powerful APSW SQLite driver.
  • SQLCipher: encrypted SQLite databases.
  • SqliteQ: dedicated writer thread for multi-threaded SQLite applications. More info here.
  • Postgresql extensions
    • JSON and JSONB
    • HStore
    • Arrays
    • Server-side cursors
    • Full-text search

High-level libraries

Database management and framework support

  • pwiz: generate model code from a pre-existing database.
  • Schema migrations: modify your schema using high-level APIs. Even supports dropping or renaming columns in SQLite.
  • Connection pool: simple connection pooling.
  • Reflection: low-level, cross-platform database introspection
  • Database URLs: use URLs to connect to database
  • Test utils: helpers for unit-testing Peewee applications.
  • Flask utils: paginated object lists, database connection management, and more.