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Graphics canvas for live coding

Hydra is a program written in Haskell for live coding OpenGL with Lua. The main goal of the project is to create a fast, lightweight "canvas" suitable for for rendering realtime (and eventually fixed media also) visuals, controlled remotely via Lua code. Emphasis is places on ease of use in a live coding environment, and the ability to control multiple instances remotely for use with distributed and/or multi-projection use.

I recommend using cabal-dev to build it currently:

cd /path/to/Hydra
cabal-dev install

Then to run it:


If all goes well, you should see a black 640x480 window in the center of your screen! In order to make it do anything, you need to send it Lua code via OSC. I currently use oscsend from the command line via a vim plugin I wrote (vim-hydra). If you have both that and oscsend installed, you can run the following code in vim:

function draw()

by selecting it (easiest is with <shift>-v) and pressing <leader>h

There is currently no documentation. Some of the functions are defined in the Haskell source, while others are in lib/libHydra.hydra if you are interested.

NOTE: this project is very new and will be in flux for quite a long time. Bear with me...

I have been running into a bug with hslua hsmethod__call function failing, which causes a crash. While you can use the current hackage version (0.4.0), I am building agains a version I've patched to fix this crash.