A WebGL renderer and simulator for Cellular Automata
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A Cellular Automata visualizer for WebGL

!!! Epilepsy Warning !!! - This program is likely to produce fast strobing effects without warning.

See a demo at joncole.me/pages/dust.


Dust is a WebGL-based renderer for visualizing the behavior of various Cellular Automata. It uses CellAuto for the CA simulation and Pixi for displaying the output.


This is a Node project. You'll need Gulp to build. Run npm install to pull the dependencies and then gulp build to package the final files into /dist/.

You can use gulp preview to open a browser window showing the contents of /testpage/index.html, which is a demo page for this plugin.


Copy the contents of /dist/ to the same directory as your HTML file. In the HTML file, include both Pixi and /dist/js/dust.js (or the min version):

<div id="dust-container"></div>
<script src="./dist/js/dust.js"></script>

dust-container is the div that the canvas will be put within. Style it however you'd like. Note that the canvas will stretch to fit.


Many of the Cellular Automata in worlds.js are not mine; their sources are in the comments.


MIT license. See LICENSE.md for details.