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IPFS API for kotlin to access a IPFS node via http
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IPFS API for kotlin to access a IPFS node via http


Get it

You can get the artifact via jitpack - here you see how to use with gradle - for other build systems have a look here

repositories {
  maven { url "" }
dependencies {
  compile 'com.github.colendi-project:ipfs-api-kotlin:$current_version'

Use it with kotlin

add a string

val multihash = LocalIPFS().add.string("test-string").Hash

get a string

val content = LocalIPFS()

get commit from version

val commit = LocalIPFS().info.version().Commit

Note: when you are not running a local IPFS daemon you can also use infura just replace LocalIPFS() with InfuraIPFS() or write your own configuration.

Apps that use this library

Please send a message or even PR if you write/find an app that also uses this library.


We depend on okhttp and moshi which play well together with okio



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