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A replacement icon for iTerm (or any terminal emulator, for that matter)
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A custom icon for iTerm (or any terminal application, for that matter). A simplified version of the original iTerm icon, I made this to better match the aesthetic of my SublimeText icon since they sit side by side in my Dock.

The icns file includes optimised icons for 512, 256, 128, 32 and 16-pixel sizes, including 2x sizes for Retina displays.


  1. Clone or download this repository's master branch to your computer.
  2. In a new Finder window, navigate to your /Applications directory, click on iTerm, and type ctrl-i (or right-click and choose Get Info).
  3. Drag the .icns file overtop of the iTerm icon in the Info panel. You will see the icon change. Close the Info panel.
  4. Right-click on your iTerm application and choose Show Package Contents.
  5. Navigate to /Contents/Resources, and copy the .icns file to this directory (choose Replace when Finder asks).
  6. You're done! Open iTerm to see the icon update.


This repository includes the following:

  • Master .sketch file with each icon size on its own artboard.
  • .icns and .png files
  • Icon Slate project file (for converting .png files to .icns files

You will need the Sketch beta (v2.3.2 build 5137 or later) to edit the master file. Icon Slate is available for download on the App Store, or you can use another converter of your choice (preferably one that includes options for including 2x assets for Retina displays).

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