A Yosemite-and-Solarized-flavoured icon for terminal applications.
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Terminal icon


A custom icon for any terminal application. Draws influences from Yosemite’s own Terminal.app icon, but uses Solarized colours and a $_ instead of a >_ for the prompt.

The icns file includes optimised icons for 512, 256, 128, and 32-pixel, including 2x sizes for Retina displays.


  1. Clone or download this repository’s master branch to your computer.
  2. In a new Finder window, navigate to your /Applications directory, click on your Terminal/iTerm/other app, and type ctrl-i (or right-click and choose Get Info).
  3. Drag the .icns file overtop of the application’s icon in the Info panel. You will see the icon change. Close the Info panel.
  4. Right-click on your terminal application in Finder and choose Show Package Contents.
  5. Navigate to /Contents/Resources. Locate the application’s existing .icns file (there may be several, so be sure to find the one being used for the app’s icon; Terminal.app’s is named Terminal.icns, iTerm’s is named iTerm.icns, etc); rename tcpTerminalIcon.icns to this name, then copy it to this directory (choose Replace when Finder asks).
  6. You're done! Open iTerm to see the icon update.