an app for tracking your max damage output when playing freeze mage in hearthstone
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A handy dandy UI for tracking yr potential burst damage in hearthstone. Because I got tired of counting my spell damage every turn. Built with react and redux.



  • when you draw a card, click on it to move it from the deck to your hand
  • increment your mana crystal counter each turn, or move it up/down to predict damage on future turns
  • click on your good friend Emperor Thaurissan to apply his discount to the cards in your hand
  • if you play a combo card, click on it to move it to your graveyard
  • made a mistake? click a card in yr graveyard to move it back to your deck
  • the app will automatically calculate the max damage you can deal based on yr hand and mana


  • Q: is this cheating?

  • A: nah, blizzard says deck trackers are OK, and those things do waaaaay more than this does. Counting up damage every turn is not what makes freeze mage difficult.

  • Q: could you make this work for {other_combo_deck}?

  • A: nah, but you can! i believe in you! All of the logic for calculating max damage based on cards in hand can be found here.

  • Q: how dare you play a non-interactive deck like freeze mage!

  • A: can't hear you, you and all of yr minions are frozen :p


  • npm install // download all them sweet sweet dependencies

  • npm run start // fire up the dev server

  • npm run test // will run any test files in ./src that end in .test.js

  • npm run build // bundles up a production version of the app

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.