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response caching

The cache option allows you to control the HTTP caching to use for the responses to GET requests for the resource. It is applied at the resource level:

module.exports = new Resource({
    cache: caching.minutes(5).publically(),

You must first specify how long to cache for using one of the following:

  • minutes - Single argument is number of minutes to cache for.
  • hours - Single argument is number of hours to cache for.
  • days - Single argument is number of days to cache for.
  • forever - If this is used then you are specifying the responses can be cached forever
  • no - This method can be used if the responses should not be cached.

If you call any of the methods other than no then you can specify where to cache. The default is that responses can be cached publically but you can explicitly specify where to cache:

  • publically - Since public is the default you would only call this method if you want to make that fact explicit
  • privately - Client-side caching only (e.g. browser).


var cache = require('resourced').cache;
cache.days(2).publically() // same as above

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