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WP Blogroll

Add a blogroll using a custom post type and shortcode.


Once installed the 'Blogroll' post type will be available which uses custom fields for the URLs. A blogroll entry is composed of the following:

  • title: name/site name
  • body: a description of the entry
  • Link URL: the main site URL
  • Feed URL: the site RSS/Atom feed

The entries will be displayed as below:

[title](link URL)


[RSS Feed](Feed URL)


Blogroll entries have classes assigned to allow for custom styling:

.blogroll-item - the item container which will probably contain <P> tags
.blogroll-title - the item <H2> tag which contains an <A> tag
.blogroll-feed - the RSS feed link

.opmllink - the div containing the OPML file link

Custom post type

The blogroll post type does not support tags or categories. If you need these add

'taxonomies' => array( 'post_tag', 'category' ),	

to the register_post_type array in br_post_type.php


The plugin will create a blogroll.opml file in the root of your WordPress site so will be at: http(s)://your.domain/blogroll.opml

The file is dynamically created whenever the shortcode is triggered and includes the time of creation in the <dateModified> tag.