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JavaScript for creating lightbox like popup modules with easy video embedding, image gallery, ajax modules and iframed html
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css 2.0.6 video player bug fix & new video support via JSON functionality
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Ceebox 2.1.5 jQuery Plugin

What’s included

I have included both a minified version and the full version of the CeeBox js and css. You can choose to use either.

CeeBox requires both jquery.js and jquery.swfobject.js, The most recent versions of both are included in this archive (v1.3.2 & v1.0.7). It is also recommended that you visit and to make sure that these are up to date.

The easing, color, and metadata plugins are included but are optional and not required for CeeBox to work. However if you want their additional functionality you will need them.

Additionally, I have included the test.html page which I have been using to test functionality and I have included the original psd source files for the buttons so that you can adjust the buttons to your liking.

How to turn on CeeBox

To make ceebox work add $(“.ceebox”).ceebox(); to your global js file in the document ready and add ceebox as a class to your links.


For html and videos, CeeBox automatically defaults to the size of the browser (minus a few pixels). You can change this on a case by case basis via the rel attribute. You can also change the default to a static size by adding settings to the ceebox function like so:

  • $(“.ceebox”).ceebox({vidWidth:600,vidHeight:400,htmlWidth:600,htmlHeight:400});
  • There are tons more default options that can be changed. Read the js file for more.

Additional Instructions

Please refer to the following link for instructions.
CeeBox – instruction page

Release History

2.1.5 Minor Improvement

  • can now force CeeBox to treat a link as an image with rel=“image” (similarly rel=“video” forces CeeBox to treat it as a video)

2.1.4 Fix

  • fix for Esc key. Esc now closes popup.

2.1.3 Fix

  • fix for gallery issue (prev tag not showing on 2nd item and arrow keys not working) which was introduced in 2.1.1

2.1.2 Fix

  • fix for gallery issue (prev tag shown accidentally on first item) which was introduced in 2.1.1

2.1.1 Code cleanup

  • A bit of code tidying. No bug fixes, No new features.

2.1 Event Bubbling & Flash Plugin / iPhone Detection

  • Revamped to use jQuery Live event bubbling function which has improved code performance over the Bind function.
  • Detects flash plugin and displays message instead of embeds movie if not present
  • Detects iPhone and if link is a youtube movie it automatically sends to youtube (which launchs iPhone youtube player)

2.0.11 Bug Fix Release for iframe & wordpress

  • changed iframe loader anim close function to use jQuery instead of $ which is required for Wordpress and other places where no-conflict is needed

2.0.10 Bug Fix Release for public function

  • fix making it easier to use $.fn.ceebox.popup() as a stand alone.

2.0.9 Bug Fix Release

  • fixed issue with enter/return key causing odd behaviour
  • fixed issue with google video player
  • fixed minor regex issue with properly identifying ajax popups and #idnames
  • added support for CeeTip (a small tooltip plugin that works with CeeBox… to be found at (

2.0.8 Fix for Safari video player bug

  • Small fix for youtube video regex (some youtube videos use a dash which wasn’t accounted for)

2.0.7 Fix for Safari video player bug

  • Fixed bug with safari and video players that was introduced in 2.0.6

2.0.6 video player bug fix & new video support via JSON functionality

  • video player gallery bug is now fixed
  • additional video support can now be added via an external JSON file (example humor.json included)

2.0.5 revamp of video functionality, added unload callback, & iframe bug fix

  • improved method to test and add support for video players from different sites
    • new public variable $.fn.ceebox.videos which allows anyone (with a little regex knowhow) to add support for more video players
    • bonus: added support for CNN and for (which used to be ifilm)
  • added optional unload callback so you can call a script when ceebox closes
  • added fix for iframe popups (onload was not working for small html files)

2.0.4 Minor feature and bug fix release

  • Added support for color animations via jquery.color.js
    • background color, text color, and border color can all be changed per link through the use of the metadata and color plugins
    • If you use this, you will need to add a base color option when you call the ceebox function.
  • Several small fixes that you may not even notice. Including shifting the close button in IE so it’s not cut off.
  • Code optimization (minimized version is now 11.2KB and it seems to run a bit smoother in IE)

2.0.3 Minor feature add

  • background color and border color can be changed as an option

2.0.2 Patch & Full Browser Testing

  • massive testing across all browsers (Opera 10,Firefox 3.5, Safari 4, Chrome, IE6/7/8 ) and with all combinations of functions
  • fixes, fixes, and more fixes.
  • support for the metadata plugin (options can be altered for each link via the class attr)
  • I consider this sucker out of Beta.

2.0.1 Patch still BETA

  • ceebox popup can be called as a public function which accepts any html content you throw at it
  • minor fixes
  • change to close button design

2.0.0 Major Upgrade BETA this has been tested on all major browsers but needs to be tested further

  • completely rewritten from the ground up with improved code design
  • tons of new default options that can be set, allowing ceebox to modify to your needs
  • optional onload callback function
  • gallery functionality now works for images, video, or html including a mixure of all of them
  • allows ceebox to be set on a parent element and it will grab all child links and create automatically create a gallery
  • improved transitional animations/effects and supports use of the easing plugin
  • various fixes: jquery chaining, expandable title area, etc.
  • Even with all this additional functionality the size is only 12KB compressed.

1.4.3 Minor Upgrade

  • Added animation effects to popup load and gallery transitions.
  • New optional settings:
    • animSpeed which allows for “slow”,“normal”,“fast”, or speed in milliseconds (i.e., 1000) [default is “normal”]
    • overlayColor change the overlay color [default is “#000”]
    • overlayOpacity change the overlay opacity (i.e., 0 to 1) [default is 0.8]
  • Additional code refinements and reorganization. Code is much better organized and commented. Adding additional video formats is easy.

1.4.2 Patch

  • fixed modal functionality which broke when it became a jquery plugin. NOTE: modal function works differently (and better) now! To make a close button, just give it the class “cee_close” — no need to add javascript to the link any more.
  • optimized and streamlined code (namely how the overlay is built) which reduced the size of both the js and css

1.4.1 Patch

  • small bug fixes

1.4 jQuery Plugin Release

  • Now a full fledged jquery plugin.
  • Incorporates all the improvements and code optimization of 1.3.x
  • Tested on FF 3.5, Opera 10, Safari 4, Chrome, and IE6,IE7,IE8 (with graceful degrading: rounded corners revert to square corners and in IE6 pngs lack transparency)
  • Due to additional refinements jquery.ceebox.js is 8.4KB minimized

1.3.5 Patch

  • small bug fixes

1.3.4 Patch (though really more of an upgrade)

  • Optimize code that generates image gallery (smaller and cleaner than before)
  • Add graphic links for next, prev, and close buttons; make next/prev occur as rollovers on top of the image.
  • Further optimize/shrink js (now 14.2KB upcompressed and 9.5KB compressed using YUI compressor)
  • provide minimized version of css

1.3.3 Patch

  • Converted the urlMatch from a giant if then else to a switch, which makes it much easier to grok the code and add more video players.
  • Also, it should make the javascript run slighty faster.
  • Fixed another Opera display bug (with html and body needing 100% height)
  • Added Facebook video embeding

1.3.2 Patch

Includes fix for Opera, which is admittedly a little hacky but it works. if anyone has a better less janky solution that would be great.

1.3.1 Patch

Includes fixes by Mark Elphinstone-Hoadley for IE6.


Code cleanup and optimization. Reduced size of file from 17.7KB to 15.5KB. Minimized version is 10.1KB


  • Uses the much smaller jquery.swfobject.js 1.0.7 instead of the swfobject.js
  • Allows Base Width & Height to be flexible based on the browser window or static
  • fixes problem with Esc not working and position problem with iframes
  • adds arrow keys functionality to move to next/prev image when used for galleries
  • General code cleanup.


  • includes fix for jQuery 1.3.2
  • adds support for Vimeo and Dailymotion
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