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minor readme update

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Colin Fahrion authored

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@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ A fix to the famous iOS zoom bug on orientation change to portrait
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 Note on Modifications
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-The original solution was developed by Sergio Lopes can be found on [Sergio's github](
+The [original solution]( that this was forked from was developed by [Sergio Lopes](
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 The project was forked by Colin Fahrion to remove the requirement for a div#container page wrapper and make it more future proof for future iOS devices. The original code used a static variable for height, width, and scale basaed on current screen size for iPhone/iPod/iPad. This version uses javascript screen size detection to provide these dimensions which allows this script to work no matter if a new iOS device is released with different screen sizes.
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1 note on commit f59726d


I noticed you said you removed the requirement to have a #container id. I can't seem to get this to work unless I have a div id="container". I'd like to just have

body class="body-style"
div class="container"

and then . . blah blah blah /div></body

Is this possible or do I need to add id="container" ? Thanks, love this fix to a bug I've been wrestling with for some time.

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