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gh-30: Adds thanks to Mayank for the granulator ugen in README.

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@@ -88,7 +88,7 @@ by another sine oscillator ("mod"):
-Flocking is currently tested on the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome, as well as Safari 6+.
+Flocking is currently tested on the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome and Safari on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.
@@ -104,7 +104,8 @@ a composer, thinker, and early pioneer of computer music who my composition teac
I hope you find this library useful enough to create projects as beautiful and inspiring as Jim's _Flocking_.
### Thanks to:###
- * [Vitus]( for his awesome interactive Flocking Playground contributions
+ * [Mayank Sanganeria]( for his granulator unit generator
+ * [Vitus]( for his contributions to the interactive Flocking Playground
* [Myles Borins]( for pushing the limits of Flocking very early in its development
* Alex Geddie for teaching me a ton about synthesis and computer music
* [Antranig Basman]( for code review and advice

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