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After four years of wayward development, Flocking 1.0.0 is finally available! This release contains too many new features and bug fixes to even remember, but some highlights include:

  • The Flocking live playground
  • Full support for sending and receiving MIDI messages
  • WAVE file export
  • Support for multichannel unit generators
  • New distortion unit generators
  • Improved Windows support
  • Improved iOS support
  • Greater modularity
  • Better test coverage
  • Countless bug fixes

Flocking 1.0.0 will be the release to support Bower. It's also likely the last release that will run on Node.js, due to the unreliability of the third-party libraries it uses to handle audio output and MIDI.

After this release, Flocking will undergo some much more significant changes. It has lagged behind the state of the art in the Web Audio API (such as AudioWorklets), and is showing some age and wear in some spots. Significant refactoring is planned in the next release to set the groundwork for full support for the Web Audio API, including native nodes and AudioWorklets. Older features (such as the scheduler) will be removed in favour of alternatives.

Thanks to the Flocking community, especially @drart, @the-t-in-rtf and @amb26 for all their support leading up to this very overdue release.