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A variant of OCaml's native code compiler ocamlopt using LLVM in the back-end for optimization and code generation. Warning: Binaries produced by this compiler are in no way compatible with binaries produced by ocamlopt.
OCaml C Assembly
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(* DO NOT EDIT (digest: b7f180936057a776501f0051e8afb8d1) *)
This is the README file for the ocamlllvm distribution.

(c) 1996-2011 INRIA Rocquencourt

(c) 2010-2011 Benedikt Meurer

(c) 2011 University of Siegen

A native toplevel for the OCaml language

The native toplevel permits interactive use of OCaml system through a
read-eval-print loop, similar to the standard OCaml toplevel that ships with
OCaml. But while the standard OCaml toplevel makes use of the byte code
compiler and runtime to compile and execute the toplevel phrases, ocamlnat
uses the optimizing native code compiler and its runtime for compilation and
code execution, which is up to 100 times faster than the byte code runtime.
ocamlnat currently supports amd64 and i386 systems running either Linux or
Mac OS X. It may also work with Microsoft Windows, but we don't officially
support it.

See the files INSTALL for building and installation instructions. See the
file LICENSE for copying conditions. 

Home page:

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