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##Send Self Confidence SMS Text messages to someone Daily

Inspired by the tutorial at


  1. Sign up for free accounts at and
  2. git clone
  3. cd twilio_affirmations
  4. sudo bundle install (iron_worker_ng has the iron_worker command line interface)
  5. fill in values in config/config.yml file
  6. fill in values in workers/iron.json
  7. cd workers
  8. iron_worker upload affirmation

To Run:

  1. return to twilio_affirmation directory
  2. ruby web.rb
  3. browse to http://localhost:4567/
  4. enter a number and click "Let's get positive!"

Checking that things worked:

  • uploaded code package: on Affirmation
  • one scheduled task
  • You'll get your first SMS
  • Go to IronCache and you'll see the cache created

Changing the frequency

If you want to change the frequency of when the SMS messages are sent, simply modify the following values in the web.rb file:

How many times should I run this - currently set to 31 times, or in this case, once every 24 hours x 31 = A month! :run_times => 31

This value is in seconds - in this case it's 24 hours :run_every => 86400