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Feel free to use it, but be aware there will likely be security issues.

I am still interested in this project and if anyone else wishes to work with/on it, I'm happy to contribute, just I no longer have contact with anyone who's using it and no evidence that anyone does, so it's unmaintained for now. Send me an email.


OASIS Question Engine

Current Version: 3.9.6.

Main web site:


There's a downloadable build at:


(Early) documentation is being assembled at

A copy of the (outdated) 2004 OASIS Manual is at:

It's better than nothing, and does describe question creation reasonably well.

What is this?

The "OASIS" Online Assessment system was developed by The University of Auckland, New Zealand, to assist in the teaching of large undergraduate engineering courses. The original system began in 1998, but it has been updated over time. We gained permission to release the code as Open Source, but lacked the resources to do so properly. Several other groups have taken the OASIS code to try it themselves, however.

In 2012 it became clear that the code needed some work - it is still very successful and we've still been unable to find anything else that does its job - to bring it up to modern security standards, with a more palatable look and feel.

I have taken the OASIS v3.6 code base, developed mostly in 2001-2004 (by me), and gone through, removing old components, refreshing the look and feel, and fixing security issues. This has been a major piece of work, requiring a rewrite of approximately 1/3 of the code.

This code has been developed mostly under the auspices of The University of Auckland, and is used successfully by them. The University does not, however, otherwise endorse it or commit to any support of other users.

Feel free to download the software, as it is, and try it out. If you find it useful, use it! Right now it's mostly complete, but needs more documentation and testing.

Feel free to file a GitHub Issue, or email.

Pull requests will be gladly accepted if I think they're helpful! But contact me before doing a huge amount of work :)

Who am I?

I am the primary developer of the OASIS software, and wrote it mostly while I worked at the University of Auckland.

I left the University in 2013, but continue to maintain and improve OASIS in my free time. I think it's a good project and would love to see more people use it, or collaborate in some way.

If you have any suggestions or improvements, please contact me.

Colin Coghill ( )