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module FillerText::Style
class YinzerIpsum
def self.text
"Yinzer ipsum, yinz jagoffs. Dem Stillers ain't in dahntahn Picksburgh, and da Buccos aren't there, either. The Civic Arena was a beaut', but nah the Pens got that Consol Center thing that no one can pronounce.
Jeet jet? No, joo? Wawrsh yer Primanti's dahn with Imp an' arn. She likes kolbassi with Heinz ketchup 'n' 'at on it.
My mom put on her babushka. My sister teased me because I couldn't go to Kennywood because my room needs redding up. She's a nebby jagoff.
I wanna go to that frozen yogurt place where they've got jimmies comin' out of a spicket on the wall. It's not on Mount Wawrshington.
She's got that neat baby buggy with the hap on the back, held on by a gumband. She runs 'round the Sah Side while he works in some office in S'Liberty.
Breakfast needed made, so I threw together some chipped ham on a hoagie bun. She yelled at me because I didn't make dippy eggs. I put white pepper in his cruddled milk. That'll show 'im! Anymore, we're always jaggin' each other like this. Keeps things interesting.
That damn grinnie just fell off the bannister. He must not have seen the weather! It's slippy aht!"
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