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Nonfree font installers for Homebrew & Caskroom
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Non-Free Fonts

This Homebrew/Caskroom tap contains various non-free fonts from around the Internet.

License and copyright

Note that no font files or archives are kept in this repository. This repository simply makes it easier to install the font files from well-known locations.

Assume that each font is copyrighted, but permitted to be used provided that you have installed a certain program or otherwise paid a certain party for its use.

If you use a commercial font in a commercial work and you didn't pay for the font or otherwise gain permission to use it, the ghost of Morris Fuller Benton will mess with your kernings now and forevermore.

All casks (in Casks) are in the public domain, or CC0 where public domain doesn't exist.

How to get these fonts

First, you'll have to have Homebrew installed.

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Then install Caskroom.

brew install caskroom/cask/brew-cask

Then tap this repository.

brew tap colindean/fonts-nonfree

Now you can do something like

brew cask install font-microsoft-office

Note the use of cask in this installation line, as you must use Caskroom to install it and now Homebrew itself, which is just brew.

Notable inclusions

  • The Microsoft Office 2007 fonts in font-microsoft-office
    • Owners of various Microsoft products may use. See brew cask info font-microsoft-office for known caveats.
    • Included fonts:
      • Calibri
      • Cambria
      • Candara
      • Consolas
      • Constantia
      • Corbel
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