Improvements to jperf, a Java interface to the iperf network throughput testing suite
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Latest commit 8029efa Jan 21, 2013 @colindean add OS X .app packaging and .dmg distribution
Notable additions:
  * icons
  * plist, java stub, and pkginfo for OS X app specification
  * new ant targets, build into release directory "-mac"
    * macapp - builds the release and then builds an app file
    * macdist - builds the app file and then builds a dmg file



* On windows systems,
	- Download and install Java JRE 1.5+ on
	- run the following script : jperf.bat

* On Linux / OS X systems, run the following script : 
	- The 'java' (JRE 1.5+) executable have to be into the system path
	- Don't forget to set execution permissions on the script (execute 'chmod u+x')
	- run the following script :

* To use the OS X app, simply open the DMG file and copy to Applications.
  If when run, jperf complains about not having iperf installed and you're sure
  that it is installed, you may need to add the location of iperf to your global
  PATH variable. Execute this in the Terminal and reboot:

  > echo "setenv PATH /usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:$(dirname `which iperf`)" | sudo tee /etc/launchd.conf


* Go to the 'utilities' directory
* run the following command (Apache ANT has to be installed on the system) :  

	> ant release

This script will create a JPerf distribution into the 'release' directory.

* To build the OS X distributable disk image, execute:

  > ant macdist

The resulting .dmg file will be in the 'release/jperf-<version>-mac' directory.