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This is the official website for Steel City Ruby '12 and remains for historical purposes.

If you're looking for the Steel City Ruby '13 website, it's in another castle.

Development QuickStart

Clone and set up your environment

There is an .rvmrc file within the project that sets your environment to use Ruby 1.9.2 with gemset scrc. If you are not using rvm (like if you're on Windows or something), then you'll at least need to install Bundler and run bundle install:

$ git clone
$ cd scrc-website
$ bundle install

Start the server

To preview the site locally:

$ rake preview

When the webserver starts up, you should be able to see the site here:


Create a new blog post

To create a new blog post:

$ rake new_post["title"]

This will create a new post in the /source/_posts/ directory. Always edit the file in the /source directory, not the /public directory. When you're done writing your post (in Markdown), commit both the /source and /public files to Git and submit a pull request.

Add a new page:

$ rake new_page[policies/index.html]

Redirect from another url:

Place the full path of the alias (place to redirect from) inside the destination post's YAML Front Matter. One or more aliases may be given.

Example Post Configuration:

  layout: post
  title: "How I Keep Limited Pressing Running"
  alias: /post/6301645915/how-i-keep-limited-pressing-running/index.html

Example Post Configuration:

  layout: post
  title: "How I Keep Limited Pressing Running"
  alias: [/first-alias/index.html, /second-alias/index.html]

Aliases are handled by the jekyll_alias_generator plugin.

Generate and preview:

$ rake generate   # Generates posts and pages into the public directory
$ rake watch      # Watches source/ and sass/ for changes and regenerates

Contributing updates

Fork the repository.

Check out your fork locally:

$ git clone

Create a topic branch.

$ git checkout -b my_update

Make changes, commit, and push them:

$ git commit -am "Updating such and such for great victory"
$ git push origin my_update

Submit a pull request.