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A TTYtter extension which provides a notifier which uses Gtk2::Notify to send to Notify-OSD

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libnotifyperl for TTYtter 1.0
by Colin Dean (@colindean)

### ABOUT ###

This is a TTYtter extension which uses Gtk2::Notify to send notifications to Notify-OSD on compatible desktop platforms. It's obviously primarily meant for Ubuntu users.


This extension has been tested with every version of TTYtter 1.1.x up to 1.1.12 on Ubuntu 11.04. I'll generally keep up with new releases, as I do eat my own dogfood. I do sometimes lag behind a little, as Ubuntu is no longer my primary workstation OS.

Note that this plugin has not been tested beyond Ubuntu 11.04. Please check the issues section of the Github repository for updates. Pull requests are welcome and encouraged, as I no longer actively use TTYtter.

### LICENSE ###

Because libnotifyperl for TTYtter is hopelessly bound to TTYtter, it's bound by the Floodgap Free Software License. or see COPYING.


Ensure that you have the latest version by downloading it from the repository:

Make sure that libgtk2-notify-perl is installed with:

	sudo apt-get install libgtk2-notify-perl

Then, put somewhere safe and tell TTYtter you want it to load the extension with:

	-exts=${path_to_file}/ -notifytype=libnotifyperl

I want notifications on DMs and mentions, so I also add this to my .ttytterrc/command line:

Note that it's best to just drop these on separate lines in your .ttytterrc in your home directory.


TTYtter (@ttytter) by Cameron Kaiser (@doctorlinguist):
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