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Continuous Deployment of Service Fabric Apps using VSTS

For the full story, read this post. The demo application is the Visual Objects demo from this repo.

Using the Sample

There are a couple of files that you'll need to edit in order to get this to work:

  1. Edit the ARM templates There are two templates in the ARM project: one for a test environment and one for prod. Currently these both set up an unsecured cluster of 3 nodes. The easiest way to get your ARM template is to log on to the Azure portal and create a new Service Fabric Cluster. At the end of the journey, just before clicking create, there is an "Export Template" button which you can use to export the ARM template. I extracted some of the parameter values into the parameters.json file, but that's just a personal preference.

    The templates are in src/Environments/ClusterARM/Templates.

  2. Edit the Profiles There are three profiles: Local, TestCloud and ProdCloud (each with their associated ApplicationParameters). You'll need to edit the ProdCloud XML to make a secure connection (the sample uses an unsecure one) and you'll need to edit the ApplicationParameters files to suit your application.

    The profiles are in src/VisualObjects/VisualObjects/PublishProfiles. The app parameters files are in src/VisualObjects/VisualObjects/ApplicationParameters.


To demo the pipeline, create the build and release as outlined in (this post)[].

Run the build and release to Test. Browse to the test application endpoint: (where clustername is the name of your cluster). You should see some bouncing triangles.

Then you can edit src/VisualObjects/VisualObjects.ActorService/VisualObjectActor.cs in Visual Studio or in the Code hub in VSTS. Look around line 50 for


and change it to look like this:


Queue a new build (or look for the one that the CI triggered) and wait until it has released to Test. Keep watching the triangles - you should see them start to rotate as the Actors are upgraded.