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Azue DevOps Build and Test PowerBI Template

Read all about this template in this blog post.

This PowerBI template allows you to report off builds for the last two weeks, including queue information, test information and coverage information.

Download the PBIT file and connect it to your organization.


There is a parameter (Azure DevOps Organization) and two connections that you need to authenticate.

Specifying the Azure DevOps Organization

When you open the PBIT, you will be prompted for your Azure DevOps Organization. Type in the name of your org (so if you connect to, type myorg).

Enter organization

Access Web Content Connection

The REST API calls are authenticated by a personal access token (PAT). When the authentication pops up for Web Content, click on Web API method. Paste your PAT into the password box and update the dropdown for "level" to<myorg>.

Enter PAT

Access OData Connection

The OData feed is authenticated via organizational credentials. Click on Org Credentials, set the dropdown to and sign in.

Enter Org Credentials

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