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Colin's ALM Corner Custom Build Tasks

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As Scott Hanselman says, "donations pay for tacos" (or low carb equivalent).


This repo contains custom tasks that meant to be used with Visual Studio Online and Team Foundation Server.

Uploading Tasks

You need to upload these tasks to your TFS / VSTS server.

  1. Clone the repo
  2. Install [tfx-cli] (https://github.com/Microsoft/tfs-cli)
  3. Run yarn install in the root folder.
  4. Run yarn install in each Task folder.
  5. Run gulp build to transpile.
  6. Run gulp test-cover to run tests.
  7. Run tfx login to login to your server.
  8. Run tfx build tasks upload --task-path <path to task folder> to upload a task, where is the path to the Task folder of the task you want to upload

The task should now be available on your TFS / VSO.


The following tasks are available:

  1. Version Assemblies

    This task versions assemblies according to the build number. More...

  2. Replace Tokens

    This task replaces tokens in a file using Environment variables. More...

  3. DacPac Change Report Task

    This task calculates the changes in an SSDT project between builds. More...

  4. Tokenizer

    This task tokenizes a file automatically. More...

  5. Coverage Gate

    This task allows you to fail a release (or build) based of coverage delta. More...

Changing the Code

The easiest way to open the source is to clone the repo and open in VSCode. If you change the .ts files, then run build (ctrl-shift-b) to compile the .js files.

Creating the Extension Package

Help Pages can be found here.

To compile the extension, update the version number in the extension-manifest.json file and run:

tfx extension create --manifest-globs .\vss-extension.json

Upload to the marketplace by singing in to your publisher profile.