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Colin's ALM Corner Build Tasks - Azure Web Deploy


The Azure RM WebApp Deploy Task now does everything this task does, so I'm deprecating this task.

Azure Web Deploy Task


This task invokes Web Deploy to Azure. Use this Task over the Azure Web App Deployment when you want to use tokens in the SetParameters.xml file.


The task requires the following settings:

  1. Endpoint: An Azure Service Endpoint. This should be to the subscription that contains your Web App.
  2. Web App Name: Name of the Web App in Azure.
  3. Web App Location: The Azure location that the Web App is in.
  4. Slot (Optional): The name of the slot that you are publishing the Web App to. Leave empty for no slot.
  5. Package Path: The path to the folder containing the webdeploy zip file, cmd file and SetParameters.xml file.

Token Replacement

You should use the Replace Tokens task in order to perform token replacement prior to this task. For more information, see this blog post.