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Colin's ALM Corner Build Tasks - Docker Publish


The Docker Integration Extension is finally fully featured, so I'm deprecating this task.

Docker Publish Task


This task deploys code to a docker image (and optionally runs a container). You can use a pubxml generated by VS Tools for Docker or just supply all the settings manually.


The task has the following settings:

  1. Path to Pubxml file: path in the repo to the pubxml file (optional)
  2. Path to Dockerfile: (required) path to the Dockerfile
  3. Pack Output Path: (required) path to the root of the files you want to deploy to the container
  4. Docker Server Url: url of your docker host
  5. Docker image name: name of the image to build
  6. Build Only: true to just run "docker build": false if you want to execute "docker run" after building
  7. Host port: the port to open on the host
  8. Container port: the port to open on the container
  9. Run options: additional arguments passed to the "docker run" command
  10. App Type: can be empty or "Web". Only required for ASP.NET applications (sets the server.urls setting)
  11. Create Windows Container: set to "true" if you're targeting a Windows docker host
  12. Auth Options: additional arguments to supply to docker commands (for example --tlscert)
  13. Remove Conflicting Containers: removes containers currently running on the same port when set to "true"


For a more detailed look at this task (and how to use it for ASP.NET 5 applications) read this post.