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Colin's ALM Corner Build Tasks - Tag Build

Tag Build/Release Task


This task tags a build/release with the tags specified.


The task requires the following settings:

  1. Type: Build or Release (see below for explanation).
  2. Tags: Tags to add to the build. Can be multi-line for multiple tags.

Permissions for Tagging Releases

In order to tag releases, the build service identity needs Manage Releases permissions. If the permissions are not set the task will fail with this error:

VS402904: Access denied: User Project Collection Build Service does not have manage releases permission. Contact your release manager.

You can set the permission as follows:

  1. Click on the ellipses on the All release definitions node in the Release explorer and click Security. All Releases security
  2. Click on the Project Collection Build Service and set Manage Releases to Allow. Set Manage Releases to Allow

Tagging Types Matrix

Definition Type Tag Type Notes
Build Build Tags the current build with the tags
Build Release Throws an error
Release Release Tags the current release with the tags
Release Build Tags the primary build artifact's build with the tags