Sample VSTS WebHook Service with Basic Authentication
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Sample VSTS WebHook WebAPI with Basic Authentication

This sample repo shows a WebAPI WebHook project that responds to VSTS web hooks. This sample includes a BasicAuthHandler that checks for a basic auth header before allowing the webhook.


  • Compile the solution in VS
  • Set the username, password and code you want in the web.config
  • Override a VstsWebHookHandlerBase method in the VSTSHookHandler.cs class to respond to those events (only workitem.created is currently stubbed)
  • Run by using F5


  • Open Postman
  • To import the IISExpress self-signed cert, open the running URL in IE and proceed to the site. Click on the Lock icon and import the certificate to Trusted Root Certification Authorities and restart Chrome.
  • Set url to https://localhost:44388/api/webhooks/incoming/vsts?code=<code> where <code> is the
  • Set METHOD to POST
  • Add a basic auth header using the username/password you specified in the web.config
  • Go to the Team Services service hooks events page and grab a sample payload for an event that you have implemented in VSTSHookHandler.cs
  • Copy this into the Body section of the POST, set the radio to raw and set the type to JSON (application/json)
  • Click Send and you should get a 200!