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The new ReactOS Website

Build Status

This repository manages the entire content of the new ReactOS Website. It is powered by the Hugo Static Site Generator.

Pages can be created as simple HTML or Markdown files and everyone is free to submit Pull Requests to enhance the website. Issues are tracked at the ReactOS JIRA.

Website Subsystems written in PHP (such as GetBuilds, RosLogin, Testman, etc.) are continued to be managed in the ReactOS Web repository.

Testing the website locally

  1. Download Hugo 0.46 from

  2. Open a command prompt in the root of your repository checkout and type hugo server. The page is now served at http://localhost:1313 and automatically rebuilt and refreshed in the browser on local changes.

    NOTE - When working on the style it might be needed to use hugo server --disableFastRender instead.


  1. Choose one of the tasks from: METABUG - New ReactOS Website Tasks before it can go live
  2. Comment on Jira that you want to work on this feature (to prevent duplication of work).
  3. Create a pull request here.