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Author: Colin Howe (@colinhowe)

License: Apache 2.0


Allows you to monitor the CPU, memory and network usage when running a program.

Output is tab-separated for easy loading into spreadsheet programs.


Python development headers. For example, in Ubuntu install this with sudo apt-get install libpython-dev.


Install from pypi:

pip install monner

Install from source:

python install


monner --target-output /dev/null wget

The option --target-output will redirect stdout and stderr for the target program.

Sample output:

CPU (%)     Memory used (mb)        Network in (kb) Network out (kb)
   99.5               3470.4                    1.2              0.0
  100.0               3470.9                   50.7              0.0
  100.0               3470.8                    2.2              0.0

If you need command line arguments for the target:

monner -- wget -V

Fields Available

There are multiple fields available to monitor. Including: CPU usage, memory usage, network usage, disk usage and more. For the full list see monner -h


Feedback is always welcome! Github or twitter (@colinhowe) are the best places to reach me.