A simple Yeoman generator to accompany a blog post on Yeoman generators
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Simple Gen

A simple Yeoman generator to accompany my blog post on Yeoman generators. This is not meant to be a complex example, but rather a learning point for my readers who are getting started on writing custom generators in Yeoman.


The easiest way to get this running is to do the following:

  1. Make sure you have at Node v4.0 or higher
  2. Run npm install -g https://github.com/colinjlacy/simple-gen.git

If you want to use it in development:

  1. Clone this repo to your machine and cd into the project root
  2. Run npm link in the command line to install it globally
  3. Be sure to run npm install
  4. Develop as you like. Any changes will be reflected in global use on your machine.

What it does

To run, the user will type the following in the command line:

$ yo webcake

This will prompt them for a name for an Angular directive, and once they've answered will build a directive file and an accompanying HTML template in a sub-directory of a components/ folder. The resulting file structure will look like this:

[application root]
|-- components
	|-- awesomeDir
		|-- awesomeDir.directive.js
		|-- awesomeDir.tpl.html