A simple CRUD app for tracking job applications and leads
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See a working dev build here -> http://job-hunter.netlify.com

A simple CRUD app for tracking job applications and leads.


  • Fix error handling on Edit Form
  • Status radio group needs work
  • Comments comments comments
  • Add contact information for job postings
    • Contact Name
    • mailto:link
    • Last Contact date field with follow-up type Then do math and display (7 days since last contact!!!) (later on, tapered contacts/tiers?)
    • Set follow up dates (follow up on xx/xx/xx)
    • Input for contact information based on pref contact method
  • Stats component
  • User Profile options
    • Display name
    • Theme color
    • Change email
    • Delete account
    • Sign Out
  • Improve login/sign up experience
    • Error handling
    • confirmation input for password
    • Validation
    • Validation email
  • Change state structure using nested objects
  • Clear state upon sign out (done, will need redo once state structure changes)
  • Page transistions, especially loginform -> signupform and loginpage -> rest of the app.
  • Sort Filter methods for listings